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Ongoing Development

Perkalator is an ongoing project, with new features being added to the main Perkalator app itself, as well as additional online tools to the website as a whole, some of which can be seen in the current roadmap.

It takes a lot of time to design, implement and test new features as the whole site is being developed as a solo project, with feedback and suggestions made by current supporters and testers.

The site itself is hosted on a private server so on-top of the time that I put into the development, there is also the ongoing hosting fees to keep the site running.

How can you help?

With the site continuing to grow in size in terms of both features and usage from the 7 Days to Die community, there are a few ways that you can help out if you so choose.
Firstly sharing the site with your friends, across discord, gaming groups and forums, all helps to increase exposure to the site, and above all else, I want the Perkalator site to be a useful online resource to the 7 Days to Die community.

What more can you do to help? well if you are so inclined, feel free to throw a small donation my way using Paypal, as it will help fund hosting and keep a warm coffee on my desk during development

Perkalator Patreon Page

If you would like to take a role in the future of the Perkalator site, then become a Patron and help steer the development with your own feature wish list, suggestions, early access to new features, and unique perks once a user account system is added to the site

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Discord Invite

Feel free to drop in on our Discord Server, anyone can join, but Patrons will gain access to the development closet where features and previews are discussed.