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Skill Buying Guide Based on your chosen skills or template, show which skills you could or should be purchasing at each PlayerLevel, allowing you to check them off based on your actual game.
Site Expansion: Map Seed Tools | Cartogralator A selection of tools and filters for [uploaded] Maps [and Navezgane] by parsing the prefabs/water_info/spawnpoints files of a World.
User should be able to toggle icons on or off for different prefabs (e.g. show the locations of traders or skyscrapers on the map).
Plot routes around a map (possibly using height data?) e.g. starting at my current coords (N/S,E/W) plot my a path to all the traders and finish at my base (coords).
Make minor changes to the map and download the modified version e.g. biome swap / remove poi / change poi (note can cause problems with different sized prefabs)
Notes: Changing a poi can cause issue with different prefab sizes. After a server hardware upgrade, might offer exclusively to supporters, server-side map generation instead of uploading a world.
Live Previews If you load someone's shared template, any changes that they make to the template while you are viewing will be shown live in your browser.
Console Version Support Add support for both the Playstation and XBox console versions. Notes: [WIP] Basic support added, still datamining some specific details about some skills and perks
Mobile Browser Support Although the Perkalator site works on mobile devices, some interface features do not behave consistently across different mobile platforms. Add full support for mobile devices, including touch and swipe replacements for mouse clicks and onhover tooltips
Questing/Item Support for Skill Point Gains Allow user to specify completion of quests or using items (that grant skill points), beyond just the completion of the vanilla Basic Survival questline, or starter quests specified for a modded xml source. Notes: This can be used for mods that have repeatable challenge quests that grant points, or mods that have a 'Skill Note' implementation.
Progression Modlet Generation Based on settings in perkalator, allow the user to download a small custom modlet that will grant them their tweaked progression settings with respect to skill points per level / bonus skill points Notes: This can be expanded upon later to allow further tweaking of a source progression system and generate a larger progression modlet, e.g. changing the costs of certain skills
Alpha 18 Coming Soon™ Notes: It will be ready when it's ready
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Character/Item effects based on selected skills Skill level descriptions for A15/A16 are auto-generated from the actual effects of those skills and perks, since descriptions did not exist before A17.
Add effect parsing for A17 perks/attributes so that we can show the end effect on a player's character and/or items, e.g. how much EntityDamage will the player do with an Iron Sledgehammer.
This may tie into the 'Passive Skill Buffs From Items' feature and allow the user to equip weapons and armour onto a character doll to see the effects of their skills
Passive Skill Buffs from Items Add the ability to include items that increase perk/skill levels, like 'Lucky Goggles' that give +1 Agility
User accounts Allow the creation of user accounts to better organise your templates, make certain templates public/private, view a user's collection of templates via a static /usr/ url and more social features like commenting and upvoting on templates
Multiple Template View Allow the user use a group of templates at once. Some of which may be of their own creation, others may be shared templates. The group will have it's own shared URL to load the group. Useful for multiplayer groups who want to plan each player's skills.
Site Expansion: Vanilla and Modded Wiki Create a dynamic wiki-type site using the xml source available in Perkalator, describing skills, items, quests etc.
Create links from within Perkalator to the Wiki: If a skill unlocks a recipe, clicking the recipe in the skill should take you to the about page for that item.
Similarly from an item about page it will show how the recipe is unlocked, and if it's unlocked through skills then take you to the Perkalator skill calculator
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Class Based Progression Added in v1.1.0 [1558737600] Allow users to make class selections for modded sources that use classes to further break up the skill trees Notes: Choosing a class will grant the effects of completing the class quest (if applicable) granting any skills or skill points given as quest rewards.
Skill Searching Added in v1.0.2 [1557671640] Allow users to search for skills based on keywords. Seaching will match any recipes unlocked, skill effects (e.g. Weapon Damage), names and descriptions of each skill, and for A17+ also rank description text Notes: Performing a blank search, will return every skill.
Feature and Mod Requests Added in v0.9.19 [1555273560] Allow users to request new Mods and Modlets to be included, and suggestions for new features. Notes: Future updates: Include an upvoting mechanism for feature requests so that more popular requests can be looked at first. Add an auto-updating feature if possible, to pull latest versions of Mods/Modlets into the Perkalator.
Keyboard Shortcuts Added in v0.9.13 [1554560160] Add the ability to control the skill calculator from the keyboard instead of the mouse Notes: Keybindings are saved in a browser storage and can be changed from within Settings
Modlet Support Added in v0.9.6 [1554330660] Add the ability to load Modlets as xml sources instead of only complete overhaul mods Notes: Added Sorcery Mod paired with A17.2, Darkness Falls 2.03 and Ravenhearst 5.01
A15/A16 Support Added in v0.9.5 [1554244800] Add support for pre-A17 style progression.xml files as a precursor for Console Support Notes: Added A15.2, A16.4 and War of the Walkers for A16.4